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3 months ago

We are a team of curious minds on a mission to revolutionise the way in which large-capital projects are designed and delivered. Together, we will enable organisations across all domains to deliver what was before, impossible. Our founders include an Astrophysicist turned Executive from BAE Systems, and an Engineer turned to a Complexity Scientist from Bristol University and Stevens Institute of Technology. Our team is composed of PhDs and technical experts across state-of-the-art technologies, creating a stimulating and exciting environment to work in. 

We were incubated in late 2018 at London’s Entrepreneur First and are supported by world-class Venture-Capital funds and angel investors, including the backers of some of Europe’s deep tech unicorns (UiPath, TransferWise and Revolut) and the inventor of Amazon’s Alexa. We are part of University of Oxford’s Creative Destruction Lab and regularly collaborate with leading universities across the globe. We have recently been shortlisted for ‘Best Innovation in Simulation’, and ‘Best AI Product in Next-Generation Infrastructure’ in CogX 2020 and for ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ by the British Construction Industry awards.

What we’re building

We are developing a cloud-based, one-stop platform that enables project experts to utilise sophisticated analytics to reduce risk in the delivery of large-capital projects (e.g., construction, aerospace, defence). Our objective is to provide users with previously-unattainable insights, at an unprecedented speed and ease, whilst promoting collaboration and information sharing between their team members. To do so, we are working with some of the biggest organisations in the world incl. Mott MacDonald, Vestas, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems.

This is a great opportunity to join a well-funded and ambitious start up in a dynamic and mission-driven environment, leading the product strategy, vision and delivery (currently, at a MVP state).

We are a knowledge-first company with a strong belief on the value of finding the right balance between research and commercialisation. We will continuously challenge ourselves to grow and improve our technical expertise, at a world leading level. This means that you will be engaging with academic institutions and may be actively involved in the publication of technical articles.


This position is for a Full Stack Developer in our Machinist team.              

You will be leading the development of our platform - a web-based portal where customers will be able to securely login and upload their data to get insights. Your overall goal will be to (1) develop and expand the existing capability of the platform, (2) develop the infrastructure that supports our platform, and (3) shape the user’s experience within the platform. This will include working with a variety of languages, web-application frameworks and databases, whilst being in step with new, emerging and relevant developments.

We believe that personal growth and skill development is a continuous process. Hence, you should feel comfortable in acknowledging limitations to methods and approaches that you have already mastered, and feel confident for exploring, identifying and learning new methods.

This is an incredible opportunity for an analytical individual to play a key role in resolving the societal challenge of improving project deliverability and interacting with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Your overall responsibility will be to develop our platform and support our SaaS product. Development will be done in close collaboration with our Discovery team, to streamline the process of product development (jointly between the Discovery and the Machinist team).

  • Write code from both stack sides to build scalable products.
  • Passionate towards making world-class products, both technically and aesthetically.
  • Participate in project decisions and work closely with the teams to develop solutions that provide optimal experiences for our customers.
  • Great communication skills and evidence of successful collaboration with designers and backend engineers.
  • Use development best practice.



  • Ambition to be a world-leading expert.
  • Appetite and capacity to keep up with emerging technologies.
  • 3-5 years professional experience writing and testing modern, web-based applications
    • Programming/Scripting language (TypeScript, Python, HTML 5, Java, CSS).
    • Web application frameworks (Angular, React, Vue).
    • State-of-the-art reactive programming (e.g., GraphQL, Rxjs).
  • Code evangelist; pride in readable, well-designed, well-tested and good-looking software, using best practices.
  • Deploy what you develop (Infrastructure as Code [e.g. AWS CDK, CloudFormation, Terraform, Serverless]).
  • Experience in cloud services and microservices architecture.
  • Degree in Computer Science, or similar technical field of study.


  • Experience with AWS services (e.g., S3, Lambda, RDS, Fargate, Cognito, Step Functions)
  • Excellent knowledge of data-persistence methods, and when to use which (e.g., relational databases like MySQL, PostGreSQL, Redshift, BigQuery; key-value stores, like Memcache, Redis; "NoSQL" data backends, like Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch; graph databases, like neo4j).
  • Experience in data engineering (e.g., ETL, pipelines) and SaaS architecture.
  • Experience with visualisation libraries (e.g., Three.js, D3.js).


  • Competitive salary with possible stock options.
  • Flexible working arrangements, including 1-2 days remote working.
  • Annual Salary €32.5k - €52.5k (based on experience and skills) 
  • Stock Options: 0.1% - 0.25%
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Front End Frameworks
  • Full Stack
  • GraphQL
  • Startup
Email your CV to [email protected] to apply for this position.